Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic Philosophy

It is our corporate social responsibility to take part in conserving global environment. Various environmental policies and measures are implemented at our offices and production plants.


Toppan Forms (Hong Kong) Limited is certified as Hong Kong Green Organisation by Environmental Campaign Committee with membership no. GO-3429-2364

Environmental Policy

1 Encouraging environmental awareness
Organize and support different environmental activities
2 Promotion of resource saving , energy saving and recycling
Minimize material losses, production energy and purchasing reusable materials
3 Regulatory compliance
Environmental conservation measures exceeding regulatory compliances
4 Reduction of waste and prevention of environmental contamination
Shift to alternative technologies and materials to reduce the use of environmental harmful substances
5 Development and distribution of Eco product
Development of environmental friendly items and technologies geared for environmental conservation

4R Green Concept

Maintaining “Social and Environmental Sustainability” is always our basic principal in our product and service delivery which is based on the “4R Green Concept” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Return.

Environmental Practices at Toppan Forms

Toppan Forms (Hong Kong) Group Office

  • Used batteries, toner cartridges and paper are collected for recycling
  • Files and stationeries are reused
  • Green planting at office

Production Plants

  • Ink waste, paper waste, printing plates and toner cartridges are collected for recycling