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Registered at Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai, Toppan Forms Information Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2003 as a 100% subsidiary of Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited. This was to further promote ourselves as a ‘total solution provider’ in the mainland market.

In early 90s, Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited provided the first Bank Card Issuance System in China, and issued the first batch of bank cards. At the same time, we also provided a large scale card issuance and inserting system for China Post & Telecommunication.
We now have offices in Shanghai City Centre, Wuhan and Beijing in addition to our main office in Wai Gao Qiao Shanghai area, all providing high quality products and professional services to customers in different geographical areas. More office locations are being planned to further expand in the China market.

Our “Total Solution” consists of:
Business Print Product - includes paper print products and data management services;
(2) Auto BM preparation system - includes inserting and pressure sealing system;
(3) IT related Services - includes enterprise IT management solution and corporate IT solution;
(4) Postal Product - includes personalized postex and production facility;
(5) Professional Card Issuance Service - includes plastic cards, card data management service and card processing service.

As the authorized distributor of Datacard, our card data management system and card processing systems are from Datacard.

We believe “Total Customer Relationship” to be the basic element of commercial success. Our professional service and products will bring you efficiency, convenience and security to stay competitive in the market.

Business Focus
>> Commercial Print Products
>> Auto Business Mailing Preparation Service
We are the authorized distributor of Kern (Switzerland) and Neopost (France), world’s top manufacturers of inserters and sealers.
>> IT Related Services
>> Personalized Postal Products
>> Professional Card Issuance System
As a major authorized distributor of Datacard (United States)for the China Region, we provide the best datacard card issuance solution that suits your operations. Our card issuance solution includes;

Centralized Card Issuance System
Instant Card Issuance System
Color Photo ID card and Smart Card Solution
Our Datacard products can catered to the fields such as finance, postal, telecommunication, government, police, army, large corporate and schools.
They are also suitable for various bank cards, consumer cards, pre-paid cards, SIM card, telephone card, Social Security Card, medical insurance card, ID card, transport and etc.

Centralized Card Issuance System:

Datacard Maxsys Fast Card Issuance System

Datacard MX6000 Card Issuance System
Datacard MX2000 Card Issuance System
Datacard MXD Card Issuance System
Datacard MXI Inserting System

Instant Card Issuance System:

Datacard DC450 Desk Top Instant Card issuance System

Datacard DC280 Desk Top Instant Card Issuance System
Datacard SE48 Desk Top Instant Card Issuance System

Photo ID Card Issuance System:
SP75 PLUS ID Card Issuance System
SP55 PLUS ID Card Issuance System
SP35 PLUS ID Card Issuance System
FP65 ID Card Issuance System
RP90 ID Card Issuance System
ID WORKS ID card Issuance Software

Other Products:
SQ45 Card Counter
Handheld Card Counter