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General Printing Service


 A variety of general printing services are also on offered for your daily operation needs.
Catalogue • Leaflet
Annual Report • Booklet
Company Letterhand • Envelope • Namecard
Gift Box • Packaging Printing

Label Products


Computer Stock Label
Customized & Laser Label

Type Features Size Available Applications
Computer Stock Label  • Continuous with 
sprocket holes for computer printing
3-1/2” x 1-7/16”  • Manufacturing part labels
 • Process control Labels
4”x 1-7/16”
Laser Label
 • Cut sheet with different adhesives for laser printers

 • Permanent / Removable / Special Adhesives
A4 size
As per request
 • Address labels for distribution and freight forwarding industry

 • Direct mailing labels
Customized Label  • Pre-printed label tailor-made for customers As per request
For enquiries, please contact us.