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Personalized Happitouch Products


Image Personalization
The Visual Power To Impress People
One-to-One Marketing

Simply give us any name and we will produce a personalized items with full color images:

 • Calendar
 • Direct Mailing
 • Greetomg Cards
 • Invitations
 • Vouchers
 • Packaging Box
Happitouch Products
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Personalised Desktop Calendar 
Calendar Size : 20cmx 21cm(flated size)
No of sheet: 13
Colour: 4C+ 0
Material: 157gsm Art paper with stand and wire-o / plastic case


Direct Mailing
Happitouch is the perfect way to catch the customer's attention at first sight. Use it in all kinds of direct mail pieces and benefit from response rates.          


Greeting Cards
With Happitouch a simple greeting card for Christmas or Birthdays card turns into a truly unique and personal gift.



Make private trade shows and events a true success. Image personalization is ideal to show a customer that he's really welcome.


Packaging Box / Cup
Show customers that you really care about them. With image personalization a simple packaging box or cup for Birthdays greeting into a truly unique and personal gift.

New Year Premium


Wall Calendar

Desk Mat Planner
Desk Calendar
Pocket Diary
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