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Kern, Formax and Hefter - High Volume Production Machine



  Kern Inserting Systems: Production-grade output for every application 
K656    K686  
  An on-line inserting system with or
   without optical mark/barcode
   reading for processing continuous
   forms and enclosures.
    An off-line folding and inserting  
     system with optical mark/barcode
     reading for processing cut forms 
     and enclosures from the stack.  
K2500  K2600 K3500  
  Multimailer   The Next Generation of Flexible, High
    Speed Inserting
  Your key to successful, flexible high-
    speed mailings 

  Kern K40 Mail Wrapping System: Simplicity and Versatility      
  Developed in response to the multifarious demands of the
   market and with an eye to the needs of operators, the Kern 40
   Mail Wrapping System has been designed and built with two
   guiding principles in mind: simplicity and versatility.
  Kern K90 Card Affixing System
From credit cards to hotel room keys, the Kern 90 can attach almost any kind of card to your custom-printed carrier. The K90 prints card carriers on demand before attaching the cards to their carriers by either an adhesive label or gluing. Both the card feeder module and the adhesive supply module are extremely compact with monitoring to alert operators of low levels.  

  Formax Continuous Form Bursters
 FE550, FE666, FE676 Burster 
High volume industrial burster is designed to process large bursting jobs at speeds up to 500 feet per minute while slitting, separating and stacking the forms. As with all of the industrial bursters, a conveyor unit is standard. A power drop-stacker can be added to enhance productivity.

 Hefter C66xx Continuous Forms Cutter 
 This cutter C66xx of HEFTER Systemform is the ideal solution when clean edges are required for the processing of your continuous forms. But not only this! Modern microprocessor technology combined with easy handling guaranty precise cutting results and high performance                                                                                                                                                          
  • User panel with remote control
  • Self diagnostic centre
  • Variable speed from 8.000 to 18.000 12” forms/h (depending on the module)

 Hefter ES300 Envelope Sealing Machine                        
 The ES300 seals quick and safe your outgoing mail regardless of which envelope format. With the electronic counter (option) you are able to get the total number of sealed envelopes.
  • Automatic envelope feeding
  • Formats: DIN lang up to C4
  • Automatic start/ stop function
  • Automatic control of the sealing liquid                        
  • Self-cleaning sealing rollers
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 96 x 40 x 36 cm
  • Variable speed: up to 300 envelopes/ min.                                                          

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