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We recognized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) related products, such as smart cards and RFID label/tags are the most effective tools for stock distribution, inventory control, security application, etc.

We are dedicated in focusing investment of management resources in this field. We strive to be on top of market changes and to be a step forward from our competitors. With the trend of GREEN business, our new supplies feature biodegradable cores, efficient use of supplies, and fewer supply part numbers for customers to inventory and manage.

Products & Services Include:  

   •   Paper IC Card
   •   IC Label
   •   Post Card Type with IC Card
   •   Envelop with Peel-off Smart Card
   •   IC Tag for Apparel
   •   Baggage Tag
   •   Smart Resin Tag
   •   IC Wrist Band
   •   RFID Ticket
   •   Build-in Type Reader / Writer
   •   Handheld Terminal Reader / Writer
   •   IC Label Printer
   •   PC Connection Type Reader / Writer
   •   Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tag



Access Control
  Provides high-level of security and access control and minimize inconvenience for authorized personnel.
Document Management 
  Improves the management of documents so that files can be quickly located and document workflow easily tracked. 
  Product Authentication and Brand Protection
  Embeds smart label into expensive branded merchandise. Not only does it provide absolute authentication from manufacturing to retail, it can also be updated with shipping and sales information and other useful data. 
   Library Management System
  Streamlines the flow of books and other materials, quickly scan out misplaced items to reduces losses.
  Retail Goods Management System
  Attaching smart tags / labels to manage delivery, sorting and inventory.
  Logistics Management
  Tracks individual items through all stages of manufacture, distribution, and after-sales support – even disposal and recycling. Simplifies warehousing and provides flexibility for mixed consignments, and assists in accountability transfers. 



   •   Highest automation of item scanning process
   •   Capable of reading and / or writing. Alternative to barcode
   •   Can reprogram chip memory many times without contacting or replacing smart tag / label
   •   No line-of-sight necessary
   •   Capable of processing multiple items simultaneously
   •   Durable, suitable for harsh environment
   •   Information directly attached to product


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