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Access Control System and CCTV Surveillance

A trusted access control system protects your physical and digital environment and provides the highest level of security for facilities, assets, networks and resources.
TOPPAN FORMS ‘s flexible access control system extends functions, improves operational efficiency, and builds confidence. A flexible access control system that is seamlessly integrated with your elevator system and building doors. TOPPAN FORMS offers more that system hardware but also a one-stop integration of access control system which including ID card access, mobile access, biometric authentication access.

Commonly used access control systems are as follows:
ID Cards Access Control System
RFID technology: Mifare/ EM/ HID/Octopus etc.

Biometric Authentication Access Control
Fingerprint Access Control System
Face Recognition Access Control System
Fingervein Access Control Systems
Fever Detection Facial Recognition Access Control System

Mobile Access Control
e-Card access control system (Tap or Twist and GO)