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The Classic Series inherits our concept of minimalist design while delivering intuitive interactions as well as outstanding sound and video performance. For both local meetings and teleconferences, participants may visualize their ideas instantly. Communication on a Classic Series defies distance with the updated audio & visual systems, giving the distant meeting attendees the feeling as if they were joining the session in person.


4K HD screen


20 Touch points


Wireless screen sharing


8m voice pickup


Smart writing

Vivid Display: Presentations Come to Live

4K is now the default resolution in either operating system across MAXHUB IFPs. The updated zero bonding technology reduces parallax so that we can write as if on a piece of paper. Even when looking from the side, we may hardly discern the distance between the fingertip and the colored display. Meanwhile, we are increasing the color gamut by more than 20% compared to previous models, providing more vivid colors.

Zero Bonding* | 90% NTSC Color Gamut*| 4K UHD


3 Display modes: Suitable for various scenes

In order to meet the diverse needs of professionals for conference display, it has made an upgrade to the original display mode, which can accurately restore image works, bring shocking image quality with consistent experience, and protect eyes during long meetings.


Presentation mode

More vivid colors, suitable for video playback and design review


Standard mode

More natural colors, suitable for daily work and meetings


Eye-caring mode

The color is softer, suitable for long-time operation and viewing


High-precision IR Touch System

The IR touch technology brings you natural writing experience which reduced the touch height by 57%, providing an even more paper-like writing experience.
MAXHUB V5 also increases the writing accuracy to within ± 1mm, which helps make fine annotations.
Supports 20-point touch*, multi-person co-creation.

≤2mm Writing Height* | ±1mm Writing Accuracy*

A new generation of 1200W ultra-clear camera

“Face-to-face” communication is easier.
The camera upgrade to 1200W and supports HDR, which can be automatically adjusted according to the meeting room light, bringing an immersive video conference* experience; equipped with intelligent face tracking technology*, allowing people to perform freely, and always on the camera.

Smart Face Tracking*

4K Wireless Screen-sharing in Ways Unimagined

4K Wireless Screen-sharing offers a wireless connection between the panel and the personal devices like laptops, phones and tablet computers.
It also supports direct touch to turn pages and comments on the panel, presentation interaction is more flexible*. In addition to that, it also allows up to four participants to share the contents simultaneously.

4K Wireless | 4-split Screen Sharing *

Up to 8 m Voice Pickup Voice Localisation

6-element Microphone Array, up to 8 m Voice Pickup Voice Localisation.
Special vocal automatic gain* and sound source localization* technology blessings, whether it is a corner whisper or a speech in front of the screen, it can capture the meeting vocals in detail; The noise algorithm samples the environment noise and cancels out the unwanted hustle and bustle, therefore delivering a clearer voice.

Automatic Gain 丨 Noise Cancellation | Anti-reverberation

Type-C* Connector, Bridging the Divide

A newly added USB Type-C port shares the screen to the MAXHUB V5 and One-line integration of multiple signal sources, eliminating the need for multi-line connections