Next generation contactless payment cards are coming to Hong Kong and beyond…

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Mr. Joseph Hui, Deputy Managing Director at Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited (TFCT) shared about their efforts to bring safer and more secure payments to their bank customers.

Joseph Hui (right side), Deputy Managing Director, Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited. TFCT’s biometric payment card powered by Zwipe is being shown by one of TFCT’s production managers in the top right corner of tv screen.


What has been the market reaction to your biometric payment card offering?

When you look at banking and biometrics there has always been a desire by the banks to offer the most secure experience to their customers, however, the challenge has always been that greater security has meant less convenience. Working with Zwipe we are changing this narrative successfully as our customers are directly requesting us to provide this innovative product. Reception has been great and we are in dialogue with a host of issuers who are looking to offer the Next-Gen contactless experience without jeopardizing convenience. Biometric payment cards are the perfect option for this and with the surge in contactless use as a result of COVID-19 concerns, we believe this product will receive even greater interest.



TFCT & Zwipe’s management teams on a recent video call


What made you select Zwipe to pursue this opportunity and how has it been working with Zwipe?

We were very pleased with Zwipe’s approach to addressing not just our needs but also their deep understanding of the needs of our customers. Their focus on the overall user experience and ability to support us through the manufacturing and product development process were key elements that helped us in our decision to take an investment of launching a brand new product. Having supported so many successful pilots of this technology around the world, Zwipe is providing us unique insights that no one else could provide.

What is your goal when it comes to biometric payment cards?

Biometric payment cards have the potential to be big business for smart card manufacturers and banks alike. In addition to being something really cool, they offer real tangible value to cardholders that they will see and feel every time they use the card. Biometric payment cards remove the need to ever touch a payment terminal, remember a PIN Code or think twice about the amount you are paying because they work above and below contactless payment limits. It really is an ideal solution and we are excited to work with Zwipe on this product going forward.


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